Friend and Friendship – Are they the same?

Are they the same or even similar?

The dictionary definitions are:

friend, n. & adj. /frɛnd/ frend

A person with whom one has developed a close and informal relationship of mutual trust and intimacy; (more generally) a close acquaintance. Often with adjective indicating the closeness of the relationship, as best, good, close, etc.

friendship, n.  /ˈfrɛn(d)ʃɪp/ FREND-ship

The state or relation of being a friend; association of persons as friends.

I have friends that I have known for over 50 years. We used to have joint family holidays and spent many Christmases together, even when some lived overseas. As we grew up and circumstances changed, we still remained friends. But do we really still have a friendship with each other? Over the last few years things seem to have changed. Contact appears to be a one-way communication. “Let’s meet up” has become “Now is not a good time.” Yet as soon as information is needed it is “Can you help as I have no idea?” For me this is not a friendship, but I still feel we are, and will remain, friends. Well, it has been 50+ years.

I also have friends that I have known for a far less time. Some became great friends during lock-down, others I have known a bit longer. These people are more than friends, they show what true friendship is. They saved me during the dark times. They just knew that they need to contact me at certain times. And now I have to be there for them. Two of my closest friends may not be with us by the end of the year. That cruel C word (that I really don’t want to say) may take them. I know they will fight and I will be there at any time they need to have a drink, a laugh or anything else I can offer. Not matter what is thrown at us all over the coming months I know that one think will remain strong and that is our FRIENDSHIP. We will always be friend and always have our friendship.

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